As an owner of a 100L tropical fish tank, I need to change around 25% of the water every week.

tropcial aquarium

Actually I’m pretty bad with that and it’s more about every 2 to 3 weeks but anyway… It’s still 25L of water at 24°C containing a lot fish poo!

Fish poo YES but it’s not only that which is interesting, we have loads of bacteria producing all the nutrients we wants for our plants.
So every week (in theory), I get 25L of excellent water for my indoor plants and the ones on the balcony. I store them in different kind of containers:

aquaponic containers

And now when you need to water your plants just use that precious juice.

aquaponic manual watering system

Of course that what we can call a manual aquaponic system. There a lot of easy ways to create your own autonomous aquaponic system. I will probably create a blog post about it later.

Some examples of autonomous aquaponic systems.


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